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Moire captures students’ attention, great personality and great presenter of information.
Kamali Long, Family Teacher, Boystown, Washington, DC

Great class! Excellent for personal use.
Janelle Black, Temporary Duty Officer, Boystown, Washington, DC

Moire was great, and I appreciated being a part of the class. All the information and real-life experiences were really helpful.
Constance Leprich, Store Manager, Edible Arrangements, Owings Mills, MD

Lots of information was delivered, but the class was not boring and was at a good place. Moire is great!
Barry Werner, Owner, Scarborough Fair Bed and Breakfast, Baltimore, MD

Moire was super upbeat and had an excellent delivery. The class was great. I can apply everything to my job, especially if I get a job teaching ProStart. So glad I took the class here!
Kristin Stewart, FACS Teacher, Marley Middle School, Glen Burnie, MD

I appreciate the class and the instructor. I have learned a lot about food safety, and I would like to take the class again when I need it.
Hatsumi Watanabe-Smith, Owner, Matcha Time Café, LLC, Ellicott City, MD

The material and booklet were easy to read and understand. The instructor was very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Wilson Jean, General Manager, CEC Entertainment, Inc., Annapolis, MD

The session was taught at a level that was appropriate for all participants. The presentation stayle was great. Thank you!
Andrew Spady, Shift Manager, Caribou Coffee, Baltimore, MD

The content was current and I can apply it to my job now. The class exceeded my expectations!
John Brunski, Culinary Manager, Marriott International Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

Juliet es una persona muy amable y dispuesta ayudar, tratando de explicar en la forma más fácil a las personas que hablamos inglés como segunda lengua. Thank you!
Blanca Menjivar, Utility Lead, Marriott International Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

Juliet is an excellent instructor. She was patient, articulate and very informative.
Aaron Alexander, Utility Clerk, Marriott International Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

Moire showed ease in her delivery and shared knowledge with the group. Great presentation - took what could have been dull and boring material and made it enjoyable.
Bernard Myers, Director of Banquets, Tremont Hotel, Baltimore, MD

I really enjoyed this class. I have learned a lot and will share my knowledge with others. Keep it up!
Harry Robinson, Cook, Tremont Plaza, Baltimore, MD

The explanation of everything was very helpful. Lisa tried to make sure we were all on the same page!
Lisa Christensen, Manager, Edible Arrangements, Catonsville, MD

I loved Juliet’s accent and slightly offbeat personality. I benefited from discussing the information. Thanks! You made boring material not dreadful.
Chris Long, Executive Chef, Second Street Bistro, Williamsburg, VA

Excellent presentation; clear, concise and to the point. Juliet obviously enjoys what she is doing and maintains professional levels of instruction with just the right amount of humor to keep you involved.
Sherle Tallent, Chef and manager, Jamestown Settlement Café, Williamsburg, VA

I love how Juliet made every topic personal and easy to relate. Don’t change anything!
Brandon Childress, Manager, Second Street Bistro, Williamsburg, VA

"I enjoyed this class; instructed very well and made it clear and understandable to ace the test. Thanks a lot- Juliet is very good!!!"
Millie Thomas, CNA at Bon Secours, Baltimore, MD

"Juliet always teaches an interesting class. It is easy to learn and understand what she is teaching. I always enjoy when she does her classes at the Café. We love to hear her talk."
Laure Toulan, Manager at Café on the Grove, Catonsville, MD

"Lisa is very knowledgeable of the information and has a great way of explaining the information!"
Daniel Clark, Cook/Manager, The Trolley Stop, Ellicott City, MD

"Moire is an excellent, upbeat and knowledgeable teacher."
Marisa Caprio, Barista, Artist Café, Catonsville, MD

"Good learning experience and presentation was good. Learning in a smaller group like this is very effective. Thank you!"
Stephanie Sufczynski, Dining Services Coordinatory, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

"Moire is the best teacher I have ever had. She does a great job and she loves what she does. Hold on to her. Great help is hard to find!"
Stacy Murchison, Cook Manager, Miller’s Deli, Baltimore, MD

"Moire did a great job holding our attention."
Bill Brown, Director of Training, Performance Food Service, New Windsor, MD

"Lisa was very well spoken and her theory of language and versatility approach all levels of learning."
Kenya Vincent, Manager, Hotskates Roller Rink, Baltimore, MD

"Great class, tailored specifically to our group! Thank you!"
Allison Struebing, Manager, Hillstone Restaurant Group, Bethesda, MD

"Moire was amazing! Excellent stories that were pertinent and helpful. Would recommend anytime!"
Jonathan Geffard, General Manager, Woodmont Grille, Bethesda, MD

Moire was awesome. She was very patient with our class and answered all questions. Thanks so much Moire!
Steven Reid, Retail Warehouse Manager, Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Moire was great! Very helpful and knowledgeable!
Jasmincy Cabeza, Guest Path Manager, Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Moire was EXCELLENT! She gave informative and interesting anecdotes and was an absolute gem. Kudos!
John Baltimore, Controller, Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

I have learned a lot and would highly recommend this training for everyone, even if you are not in the food industry. We all eat and handle food therefore we all should learn how to be safe eating out as well as home. The more we know, the safer we’ll be ? Great class, and Juliet was a dynamic instructor!
Howlyn Cowan, Activities Director, Easter Seals, Baltimore, MD

When I looked at the textbook, I felt overwhelmed concerning the volume of material and the short time allotted for instruction, but Moire’s teaching style using a variety of methods soon assuaged my fears. I not only learned a lot, but I also feel confident that I did well on the test.
Carolyn Bruce, Director of Christian Education, Gillis Memorial Church

I am so glad that I called BHTS to find out about obtaining a proctor. I have learned so much! I have been to A LOT of training being a social worker and generally dread them because of the boredom, but that didn’t happen this time. Lisa was great!
Jennifer Sawyer-Butler, Case manager, Manna House, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Today was a great day with Lisa! Lisa was very informative and I was truly rusty. Great job!
David Anderson, Executive Chef, Heartlands Assisted Living, Severna Park, MD

Wonderful instruction! Lisa was engaging as well as informative. Thanks!
Chris M., Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Montgomery Village

Thorough but brief and not overdone; Mike exceeded my expectations.
Lowell Sheets, Bartender, Manor Tavern, Monkton, MD

Great flow, no wasted time and relevant class content
Tim Stib, General Manager, Delaware North Company, Baltimore, MD

Moire kept the class moving and hit on key items to keep them close at hand during the exam. I learned a lot and Moire made the class interesting and interactive.
Erin Morris, Payroll Administration, Delaware North Company, Baltimore, MD

Moire made information easy to understand, excellent examples and real world connections. Really this class is the first step to starting a business. Lots of information!
Susanne Bensons, Owner, Jakob’s Place, Upperco, MD

Lisa was highly informative and friendly. I would recommend this class to another.
Chrisha Robinson, Owner/Chef, Catering 2 You, Edgewood, MD

Very nice to have small number of people in the class. It’s easier to have a dialogue, plus the training feels individualized. The class was very well paced.
Maria Stimson, Team Leader, IKEA, Baltimore, MD

Juliet was a great teacher! She kept the class fun and interesting. I would highly recommend to others.
Isrrael Morales, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Bethesda, MD

Juliet was a lot of fun! She knew her stuff but is good at keeping it simple. I felt very comfortable when it came to test time that I had the knowledge to pass the test.
Alyson Huth, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Bethesda, MD

Of the three times I’ve taken a course and exam for my food handler’s license, Juliet was the most knowledgeable, informative and relaxed yet steady instructor I’ve ever had. I will be using this company again when I have to recertify.
Michael Kirk, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Baltimore, MD

Juliet is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and I know that I now have the knowledge to be safe in food situations. It was a pleasure being in her class!
Lauren Brown, Retail Manager, Bally Sport, Lansdowne, MD

The program itself when you think about it is a bit difficult but with the method that Juliet used (brainwash), before you realize it the information sinks in ?
Eric Tayo, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee

Lisa obviously knew the material very well. She was patient, approachable and answered all questions.
Tiffany Swiney, Shift supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Gambrilles, MD

Lisa is very intelligent in the food service field. She definitely knows how to keep the class interested and knowledgeable on the subject. I would love to learn more from Lisa in the future.
Bradley Cox, Juice Bar, Bally Sport, Lansdowne, MD

Really nice class, gavev me a different perspective of the restaurant field, in a good way
Jacqueline Alvarenga, Server/supervisor, El Nayar Mexican Restaurant, Catonsville, MD

Juliet es una de las coordinadas o profesoras más destacadas en el area de Baltimore. Me encantó tomar las clases con ella. Es perfecta para enseñar sus abilidades y conocimientos. Gracias Juliet.

Lisa provided a well streamlined program, suits basic needs for food service program
Sean Van Cleve, Food/beverage service manager, Centerstage, Baltimore, MD

Lisa made the material interesting and easy to learn. I got more out of the class than I thought I would.
Beverly Ousley

Lisa did well with breaking down information for people to better understand and remember certain key points.
Joe Rosenthal, Retail associate, Bally Total Fitness, White Marsh, MD

Gracias. Muy amable, muy buena profesora, y que Dios le de muchas fuerzas y que la bendiga. Gracias, Juliet.
William Andrade, Rugby Café, Washington, DC

Me gusta su forma de hablar y de enseñar. Juliet es muy sincera.
Sonia Barrientos, Prince George Board of Education, Upper Marlboro, MD

Bueno, para mi fue una experiencia muy buena porque por segunda vez que he tomado estas clases, me han ayudado much en mi trabajo y con la explicación que nos enseño la señora Juliet. Fue muy excelente y yo pienso que gracias a todas estas personas, aprendemos cada día más. Gracias por toda su ayuda

Gracias por ser tan excelente profesora. No la pasé aburrido y todas sus gráficas son entendibles.

La maestra es muy carismatica con sus alumnos y tiene la forma de que sus alumnos aprendan de la mejor manera.
Samuel Mondonedo, Assistant Manager, Twist and Turn Tavern, Dayton, MD

Juliet is direct and straightforward! Simplification at its best! I recommend group format classes
Kenneth Diaz, Cook, Gordito’s Café, Baltimore, MD

Juliet is a lovely person and a very knowledgeable instructor and would enjoy in the future to be able to take this class again with her as my instructor.
Barbara Crites, Assistant manager, Costman’s Snack Bar, Baltimore, MD

Juliet is very informative and thorough. Delightful teacher with a wonderful personality. Thank you, Juliet!
Mellissa Huddleston, Delight Menu, Baltimore, MD

Juliet was a great and insightful instructor. I enjoyed the lesson and would recommend her to others needing certification.
Justin Feeser, Executive Chef, Embassy Suites, Hunt Valley, MD

Juliet made the couse very easy to learn with illustrations, charts, and videos on what can sometimes be very hard to do.
Richard Bielski, President, Ocean Pride Seafood, Baltimore, MD

Juliet was able to teach a lot of material in an easy to understand way.
Randy Bielski, Owner, Bagel Works, Baltimore, MD

Great class! Juliet’s personal stories helped me understand and remember the class content.
Melanie, Balakuski, Children of America, Ellicott City, MD

You have a great personality that is easy to listen to and learn from. Also the one-on-one stories were great for memorization. Thanks!
Mary Benlein, Cashier, Sissy’s Seafood, Baltimore, MD

This class was pretty cool. Better than any other class I have taken.
Brian Taylor, Kitchen Supervisor, Twist and Turn Tavern, Clarksville, MD

Juliet made the whole two days very interesting. It was well put together. I loved the relating stories and tales that happen in the industry. Juliet totally puts you at ease about the whole test, which I was grateful for! A very knowledgeable lady was a great teacher!
Carol McCreadine, Chuck E. Cheese, Laurel, MD

Class well delivered. Good job.
Eniola Olawoyan, Residential Counselor, National Children’s Center, Washington, DC

Just wish the class wasn’t just one day, but overall the class was fun.
Anthony Bess, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Silver Spring, MD

Moire was great, spoke very clearly, went over things that were highly important numerous times. She kept everyone on the same level of understanding and also answered our questions very thoroughly.
Melissa West, Team Member/Shift in Training, Caribou Coffee, Washington, DC

I enjoyed your method of teaching. It kept me interested, and I am also a proctor/teacher. Thank you.
Kevin Carpenter, Executive Sous Chef, Doubletree by Hilton, Washington, DC.

Moire did a nice job, I was more then prepared for the exam!
Aaron Tagert, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Lorton, VA

Very informative! Morie made it easy for us to store the information easily through discussion using clues and tips to help us remember the information.
Angelica Sandiego, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Virginia

Moire was very energetic during the teaching process. Thank you for being a great teacher!
Latyoa Williams, Shift Supervisor, Caribou Coffee, Virginia

Juliet did a terrific job of keeping the class fun and interesting. Juliet brought personal experience and humor into the classroom. What I thought would be a very dry and boring subject matter was really informative and enjoyable.
Pat Barnes, Supervisor, She’s Gone Nuts, Maryland

Juliet brought real-life examples to a relatively dry but necessary subject.
Danica Lorincz

Ms. Juliet was amazing, both as a teacher and as an individual. She took her time in explaining the materials and made it easy to ask questions. For me it’s important to feel comfortable with the instructor and I did with Juliet, her accent is great. BHTS is by far the best place to come to.
Michelle Seeram, Owner, Island Delights, Maryland

Me gusto come explicó todos los capitulos por que tiene una buena carrera. Que dios la felicito y la bendiga siempre.
Brenda Maldonado, Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse, Savage, MD

Good Teacher! Muy buena profesora en español!
Lilia Camacho, co-owner, Elkridge, MD

Delightful Teacher! Very encouraging!
Ashley Tabler, Line Cook, Ellicott City, MD

Awesome, Hands-on teacher!
Troy Clash, Manager, Southern Blues, MD

Juliet took a novice in food safety and made the course understandable, relevant and fun. A lot of new knowledge was presented in easy to digest segments. Very enjoyable class – well worth the time.
Don Gillson, MD

Juliet presents the potentially boring material in an engaging and interesting manner. Her approach made the experience positive, and the education more effective.
Christopher J. Bory, Cook, Café on the Grove, Catonsville, MD

Great Class! Thanks!
Ricky C. Orange, GM Southern Blues, MD

One of the best food instructors out there. Made it easy to understand and learn the content.
Chris Meushaw, Howard Community College, MD

A very fun person to learn from, while also thorough. Juliet kept the attention of our class and knew exactly what and when to review. I very much enjoyed this class, Thank You Juliet!
Michael Phillips, MD

Juliet made going to school a much more interesting and fun experience. She was easy to follow and a pleasure!
Rochelle Trueman, Manager, Davino’s Pizza & Subs, Nottingham, MD

Very good teacher. Has the ability to teach 13 chapters in 2 days. And, I, as a student had not problem with the test.
Tara Kearney, Manager, Davino’s Pizza & Subs, Nottingham, MD

All went well, Thank You.
Melvin Hunt, Chef, MD

Fantastic program, as well as instructor. I learned more than I needed to and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
Steve Heffernan, Manager, Crab Shack, Arbutus

Had a good informative class!
James Turner, Chef, The Wild Orchid, Annapolis, MD

Very informative, low key, easy to learn, excellent presentation, comfortable format for learning.
Michael Weal, Owner, Soft Stuff Ice Cream, Ellicott City, MD

Course Material was very detailed and indicated a very good understanding of the overall program for food safety in the workplace.
Steve Weal, co-owner, Soft Stuff Ice Cream, Ellicott City, MD

The class was very entertaining with a lot of real life situation examples.
Hector Moreno, Environmental Assessor, Coalition To End Childhood Lead Poisoning, Baltimore, MD

I enjoyed the class!
Soo Park, owner, New Towne Diner, Maryland

Moire is an excellent teacher! She took her time and explained any question that was asked.
Rochelle Yancy, Education Coordinator, YUBI Head Start, Baltimore, MD

Moire did an Excellent Job!
Vernie Opher, Food Service, YUBI Head Start, Baltimore, MD

Wonderful Class! Very knowledgable and personable instructor. Loved Moire!
Marcia Thibado, Owner, Oh, What a Cake!, Columbia, MD

Great Training, very helpful. Great trainer, easy to understand.
Indra Mulyadi, Manager, Sakura Japanese Steak House, Olney, MD

She was delightful, wouldn’t mind studying with her again. She made me laugh and think!
Mary Jackson, Kitchen Manager, Providence Center, MD

“I thought that Juliet was very helpful to me. I was very afraid of not passing the course at the time. I had to study by working two jobs and last minute changes. Thank you. You were very helpful and kept me cool”
Towanda Collins-Jackson, prep cook, Sorrento’s West, Baltimore, MD

“Very efficient, organized and entertaining. I loved hearing personal stories related to the actual content.”
Falan Taylor, Chef, House of Ruth, Baltimore, MD

“You did a great job focusing on the important points!”
Jenna Caldwell, Manager, Donna’s, Baltimore, MD

“It was very beneficial to me to see how much I thought I knew and compare it to what I didn’t know.”
JoAnne Pelle, Manager, Dominick’s Pizza & Subs, Baltimore, MD

“Juliet is a wonderful presenter and has great knowledge of what she is actually presenting. I give her an A+. (It is easier to comprehend when the instructor knows what she is teaching).
Christine Barker, Manager, Mango Manny’s, Towson, MD

“Very good for helping you to remember what you learn with tricks and key words. Great Teacher!”
Shawn Schlenz, Manager, Domick’s Pizza & Subs, Baltimore, MD

“Loved Juliet! She made us feel comfortable, and she let you know she has made mistakes along the way too. I was very nervous at first about taking the test and she made me feel more at ease.”
Allison Busick, Manager, Domick’s Pizza & Subs, Baltimore, MD

“Sue was great! I will recommend BHTS to everyone. Thank You!”
Vince Fava, Owner, Trinacria Foods, Baltimore, MD

“I would recommend Juliet for her direct and ease of teaching. She does a great job!”
William T. Irvin, Kooper’s Tavern & Slainte Pub, Baltimore, MD

Excellent job on training. Very knowledgable & professional.”
Patrick Russell, owner, Koopers Tavern, Baltimore, MD

“Moire is very nice and she teaches very well.”
Tonya, A Better Day, Baltimore, MD

“Presenter taught in such a way that I was able to retain information.”
Lisa Beatty, Education Coordinator, Dayspring Headstart, Baltimore, MD

“This was a very informative class. A lot of information given in a short time, but easily grasped. Gave me ideas for what I would like to implement in my store.”
Stasia O’Donnell, Customer Service, Edible Arrangements, Baltimore, MD

“I like you used real life examples for more of a clear understanding. I would like to join your class in three years to get re-certified. Thanks again for your help.”
Jessica Stedding, Manager, Zi Pani, Eldersburg, MD

“Great, very informative, in a relaxing setting.”
Patrick Morrow, Chef/Owner, Blue Grass, Baltimore, MD

“Even though it was long, you made it easier to understand and I gained great knowledge.”
Chakauna Cleveland, Boystown Washington DC

“The way that you teach makes it easy to learn the knowledge. The program is fun and it was more than I expected.”
Bertila Escobar, Manager, Glory Days Grill, Baltimore, MD

“Es un muy buen programa de education como alumna – he quedado satisfecha con las clases. Les recomiendo tomar las clases – son muy provechosas con Juli son aun mejor no son aburridas. – Le agredezco mucho.”
California Tortilla, Gaithersburg, MD

“Juliet’s delivery and expert knowledge of the material presented was outstanding! The class was informational and interesting, but not overwhelming considering the amount of material covered! Thank You! ?”
Cecilia Wilkinson, Food Service Manager, IKEA, White Marsh, MD

“La instructor fue muy agradable y fue muy facil de entenderla.”
Ruby Wilson, IKEA, White Marsh, MD

“Juliet was enthusiastic throughout the presentation. She made complex topics simplistic and easy to understand. Her witty humor kept my attention, and she was very knowledgable on the subject areas covered. I feel better prepared to work in food service after taking this course! ? “
Tarice Williams, Family Teacher, Boystown Washington, DC

“Very interesting presenter, knowledge and self examples helped with the understanding of the material.
Jason Spinosa, YCW, Boystown, Washington, DC

“Instructor made the class very fun!”
Chauna Geter, Family Teacher, Boystown, Washington, DC

“Thank you so much for an informative presentation. I learned a lot and this is definitely some information that I can pass on.”
Daniel Alston, Assistant Family Teacher, Boystown Washington DC

“The stories that the presenter told were very interesting and revelant to the subject.”
Yadelska Wynne, Family Teacher, Boystown Washington DC

“Juliet was engaging and kept the staff involved. I am very happy with the results of the Spanish Safe Staff class training.”
Scott Donnelly, GM, Havana Management, Inc., Baltimore, MD

“Excellent adult teacher – used credible and reliable techniques to assure clear delivery and information retention.”
Colby Bearch, Director of Education & Perf Improvement, Cherry Lane Nursing Center, Laurel, MD

“Very straight forward presentation. Presented on a wonderful “need to know platform with humorous examples.”
Susan Williams, Ashland Presbyterian Church Service, MD

“Juliet was a lot of fun and a very good teacher.”
Sherrie Papparotto, The Casual Cup, Phoenix, MD

“Mrs. Juliet was great and did her job very well and everyone loved her very much.”
Patricia Ciliotta, The Casual Cup, Phoenix, MD

“Juliet was a fun and knowledgable teacher. She did a good job of making the class interesting. I would recommend her highly.”
Penny Debour, Ashland Presbyterian Church, MD

“Loved Juliet’s presentation. Very approachable. Enjoyed it very much.”
Karen Hensley, Ashland Presbyterian Church, MD

“Relaxed atmosphere and very conducive to learning.”
Sanuel Hanson, Chef, 4 East Madison Inn, Baltimore, MD

“Great Examples given, very rounded, not flat training.”
Sandy Lawler, Chef/Owner, 4 East Madison Inn, Baltimore, MD

“Tus explicaciones son muy buenas y bastante clara.”
Susana Quiróz, Chef, Zia’s Café, Towson, MD

“Me gusto mucho la forma en que Juliet da las clases. Es excelente y divertida, pero el examen is un poco confuso.”
Gonzalo Guzman, Chef, La Palapa 3, Silver Spring, MD

“¡Gracias Juliet! Muy buena enseñanzas. Aprendí mucho.”
Jose Ramos, Chef, Taco Fiesta, Baltimore, MD

“The way the course was taught made it easy to learn. The instructor’s methods of teaching and fun anecdotes made the class very pleasant. I can honestly say, I had a great time and learned in depth about food safety simultaneously.”
Alexander Nazari, Sommelier/Server, Old Angler’s Inn, Potomac, MD

“She was the best possible instructor for the course. She is incredibly knowledgable.”
Adam Kerbel, owner, Old Angler’s Inn, Potomac, MD

“The instructor tailors the session to facilitate learning the course material from all learning levels. She uses methods that makes learning easy and fun!!”
Jose LaChapel, Facilities Management Specialist, SSA, Baltimore, MD

“Juliet is wonderful. Her voice keeps our attention during the Safe Staff class! We love her!”
Debbie, Manager, Café Hon, Baltimore, MD

“The Safe Staff class was very interesting and easy for my staff to understand.”
Nelson Arias, owner, My Brother’s Place, Washington, D.C.

“My teacher Juliet Bodinetz was an excellent teacher and I really enjoyed her class.”
Asha Tschand, co-owner, Mi Casa Restaurant, Ellicott City, MD

Joseph Hefferman, owner, Crab Shack, MD

“Gracias por todo.” La clase fue muy intersante y explicable y applicable a nuestras tareas diarias. Fue un placer.”
Marta, Columbia, MD

“Gracias por todo lo que aprendí con usted. Espero me servirá mucho para practicarlo en mi trabajo y en casa.”
Yamilett, Columbia, MD

“Excelente resumen y explicacion de 14 capitulos. Que los hacen muy comodos para el examen.”
Carlos Camacho, owner, Latin Connection, Camachos LLC, MD

“Juliet was one of the best teachers I have ever met. She always tries to make you understand.”
Edoh Nomenyo, MD

“I really enjoyed to learn a lot of new, interesting information about the serving food safely. Your style of instruction is very good and made me understand very well. The video presentation and your valuable experience also helped me enjoy the class. Thank you so much!”
S.C. Ellicott City, MD

“A very very informative program- with a lot of information to be taken within 2 days- But the instructor is great at presenting the information required. I recommend this instructor and course for those in need of food safety information/education.
Teresa Tighe, Office of Health Care Quality, Spring Grove Hospital, Catonsville, MD

“My instructor was knowledgable and informative on the subject of food safety and the food service industry itself. The class was informative and contains information that is definitely going to be of use to me in the future.”
George Wooley, Jr., Baltimore, MD

“Juliet has good knowledge of the ServSafe material and took the time to work with each of her students.”
Wallace Havener, Director –The Children’s Home, Catonsville, MD

“Mrs. Rich knows her subject well and presented in a dynamic manner. Super job!
Martin Taffe, owner – Martooni’s Bartendenrs and Wait Staff, Catonsville, MD

“Juliet was an excellent presenter - She was, to the point and accurate with all of her information. I really enjoyed her entertaining stories that were pertinent to the information being taught. Great job + thank you! ?”
Michelle Kupiec, owner/operator, Kupcakes & Co. , MD

“Juliet makes learning food safety fun and easy rather than dull and boring! I would recommend BHTS to anyone interested in ServSafe.”
Ethan Myers, Manager, Harvest Fried Chicken, MD

“Es una buena profesora, tiene pasiencia y forma para que uno entienda lo mejor que puede. Gracias, Juliet!”
Jenny Hernandez, Manager,McDonalds, Rockville, MD

“Excellente para poder explicar y la paciencia con la que da por el curso. Felicitaciones.”
Carlos Franco, Manager, McDonalds, Rockville, MD

“Thank you Ms. Juliet! Hay momentos malos que quisieras recordarlos, y momentos buenos que no quieres olvidarlos……… estas clases siempre las recordare…………… Aqui aprendi mucho. Gracias.”
Luis Melgar, Manager, El Latino Bakery, Rockville, MD

“Que bueno que hayan personas bilingues en cursos de capacitacion como este. Muchas Gracias.”
Javier Britos, President, Britos Distributor, Inc. Rockville, MD

“Juliet, learning with you was easy, fun, and very complete. We reached the ServSafe principles in a friendly way. I loved having you as my teacher. Thank You!!!”
Claudia Sánchez, Food Service Supervisor, Sierra Summit Mountain Ski Resort, CA

“Everything presented in manner understandable to everyone. Kept everyone’s attention throughout the 2 hour Safe Staff class. Information presented was very important!”
Monroe Zeffert, owner, Maryland Catering Consortium, Baltimore, MD

“Estamos verdaderamente agradecidos por su enseñanza y profesionalismo, estoy seguro que mejoremos en mucho nuestro actitud y nuestro compromise para hacer mejor las cosas.”
Eduardo Escobar, Manager, ARCOS Mexican Restaurant, Baltimore, MD

“She was very nice and explained everything very well. She is very good I wouldn’t have anyone else.”
Anthony, Maryland

“A model of clarity. If I don’t pass the test it’s not her fault.”
Mark Furstenburg, Executive Chef, G Strut Food, Washington DC

“Very informative and entertaining, made the class not seem so long.”
Michael Nagy, co-owner, Vignola Gourmet, Maryland

“Juliet was a very patient teacher. She made sure students understood material before changing topics.”
Sandra Boyke, Culinary Arts Teacher, Rockville, MD

“Loved your class! You have a great personality with a great sense of humor! This made the class fun, educational, but never boring! Thanks for everything!”
Machelle Johnson, Owner - Food Fanatic; Maryland

“Great teacher. Interacts with every single student at all times. Very friendly.”
Laura Moya, Fractured Prune; Maryland

“I learned a lot of information in just two short days! You did a great job presenting all the information!”
Kate Collins, Assistant Manager, Forest Hill; Maryland

“Really enjoyed the real life examples!”
Steve Nyitrai, GM Inn and Spa at The Collonnade, Baltimore, MD

“Made an odious task less unpleasant.”
Ryan Kumm, Sous Chef, Alizée Boutique Bar and Bistro, Baltimore, MD

“Juliet was pure joy and quite a riot at times.”
Christian Delutis, Executive Chef, Alizée Boutique Bar and Bistro, Baltimore, MD

“Our instructor worked very with our group well – very patient with the constant interruptions. Quick paced with knowledgable students.”
Steve Warrick, Alizée Boutique Bar and Bistro, Baltimore, MD

“The instructor was very helpful and cheerful. She conducts the class that you can understand, and she’s helpful in answering the questions.”
Samar Moulla, Manager, Roy Rogers, Rockville, MD

“This was the best time I had in a class that was given by a very smart and nice instructor. Thank you very much!”
Eric Jenkins, Manager, Chuck E. Cheese, Laurel, MD

“Very good refresher in ServSafe. I think I know more than I did before.”
Scott Elseroad, Sous Chef, Frank & Nic’s West End Grille, Baltimore, MD

“Great Presentation………….Not boring. Made learning enjoyable.”
Gerald J. Lutskus, General Manager, CEC Entertainment, Laurel, MD

“Juliet fue una muy buena enseñadora para el curso. Yo los aconsejo y los recomiendo que estudian con ella. Ella es una chica de buen humor. Gracias.”
Esdras Lopez, Café Pizzaiolo, Alexandria, VA

“La clase fue muy divertida. Juliet es una buena maestro y tiene mucha paciencia para enseñar.”
“Gracias por tu ayuda en las clases. Me han servido mucho y aprendí cosas nuevas. Que Dios te bendiga.”
Maria Mojano, East Coast Fresh Cuts, Savage, MD

“Juliet es una profesora que, a mí me encanto su clase, por que lo explica todo bien y es paciensosa que comprende a los alumnos.”
Alfrey Carlos Moreno Solis, Cook, KBQ Real Barbecue, Bowie, MD

“Juliet presents the material in a thorough, yet enjoyable manner. She provides helpful test taking tools and memorable stories to help participants retain the information.”
Erica Myers, Silver Prune Enterprises, LLC., co-owner, Maryland

“Presented material in a very easy way to understand.”
Joe Messett, Manager, Anna Cabana, Maryland

“Great Presentator. Made an otherwise painful subject interesting and engaging.”
Ari Brownstein, Owner, Ari’s Bagels, Maryland

Instructor demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the subject and no time was wasted - - she stayed on track for the two days. Many practical illustrations were provided and method of instruction facilitated in connecting the dots for food-service handling. Great Course!”

“I had a great experience. Juliet made the class interesting and presented the information in a teachable manner. Thanks Juliet!”
Shannon Jones

“Very knowledgeable, very polite and made sure everyone understood material before moving on. Went over all necessary information that was needed for real world and for testing! Great Job!”
Allan Smith

“Juliet was marvelous in her 2 hour Safe Staff presentation in front of about 65 new employees before the opening of our restaurant, Bellisimo.”
Nicholas Isorlis, Manager, Bellisimo Restaurant, Bel Air, MD

“Juliet did a phenomenal job explaining food safety to my English and Spanish speaking staff – professional, specific, and enjoyable! I intend on making the Safe Staff classes an annual event! Thank You!”
Carole Brosso, Chef/Owner, Patrick’s Restaurant & Pub, Timonium, MD

John Blum, VP MIS, Martin’s Inc., MD

“Juliet always does a fantastic job!”
Mark Heidelman, Purchasing Manager, Martin’s Crosswinds, Greenbelt, MD

“Very Patient and very clear on the Teaching.”
John P. Valmas, GM, Martin’s Inc., MD

“Juliet is Excellent!”
Ertugrul Guler, Banquet Manager, Martin’s Crosswinds, Greenbelt, MD

“Me gusto el buen humor de eseñar, y las ganas de que aprendamos muy bien. Gracias. Aprendi mucho.
Esvin David Blanco Carrera, co-chef, By The Docks, MD

“Simpatica, Buena explicacion y clara.”
Francisco Anael Arita Rivera, Cook, The Greene Turtle, Columbia, MD

“Opinion Personal: Juliet es una persona muy inteligente e avil en su trabajo. Con una amabilidad incomparable, y en horas de clases es tan interesante saber como proteger los alimentos que no se sienten cuando pasan las horas de clases.”
Kelvin Portillo, GKR Pizza Inc., owner, Essex, MD

“Gracias, Julieta. Fue una experiencia grandiosa. Fue conocer lo deconocido aprender muchas cosas importantes tanto para mi como para mi desarrollo laboral.”
Alma Villalta, Ashland Café, Cockeysville, MD

“Juliet busca la manera de explicarnos de la major forma posible para entendamos al maximo la clase.”
Luis Cruz, Yany’s Pizza, co-owner, Baltimore, MD

“Juliet es una buena profesora. Me la pase bien y su acento español la hace especial ------TIO ------ como deis en España.”
Luis Fuentes, Yany’s Pizza, co-owner, Baltimore, MD

“Fue un placer para mi. Como profesora para mi es muy buena y conbine consejos para las clases. Gracias.”
Henry Guevara, Piv’s Pub & Restaurant, Cockeysville, MD

“Juliet es muy paciente con sus alumnos, explica muy bien y trata la manera de que todo lo que enseña sus alumnos lo aprenden. Ella es muy interesante y ademas de todo muy simpatico. Gracias, Juliet”
Gilberto J. Pleitez, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Columbia, MD

“She was very informational, and a very important tool to improving our restaurants’ operation!”
Alan Hirsch, Donna’s Café, President, Mt. Vernon, MD

John Blum, VP MIS, Martin’s Inc., MD

“Juliet has an excellent knowledge of the information and conveys in a delightful, thoughtful and approachable way. A Great Teacher!”
Donna Crivello, Donna’s Café, Owner-Chef, MD

“Great Instructor, knowledgeable, and very personable.”
Corey Frier, Manager, Donna’s Café, Baltimore, MD

“This was a great review and refresher of the daily practices in the working environment.”
Mathew Sayers, Executive Chef, Cafe Hon – Baltimore, MD

El contenido del program fué muy preciso y la profesora Juliet su entrega fué excelente y concise y nos brindó una gran ayuda.
Ramon Sandoval Arenas, Pier 5 Hotel – Baltimore, MD

Muy buena maestra con mucha paciencia. Me gustará recomendarla a alguien
Carlos Ocampo Tapia, Pier 5 Hotel – Baltimore, MD

Yo, David he recibido clases por Miss Julieta y es muy buena profesora con mucha paciencia y explica muy bien.
David Lucero, Pebbles Pub- Baltimore, MD

La clase es muy active, los ejemplos son precisos y Juliet sabe muy bien lo que esta enseñando
Wendy Romero, Chartwells Dining Services – Takoma Park State, MD

Juliet- was great, enthusiastic and passionate about what she was teaching. She even acts things out to make sure we understand. Thanks Juliet!
Mirna N. Capistran – Bon Appetit Management Company- Rockville, MD

Juliet was great! She had great knowledge of the program and the foodservice industry in general. I learned so much and was thrilled to have her as my teacher
Shana Harcum, GM Donna’s Café – Columbia, MD

“Hello Juliet, This is Douglas Reyes, I took the ServSafe class with you at the National Restaurant Association and I just wanted say THANK YOU. And Thank you for explaining the class very well. It was very helpful for me in taking the class in Spanish…You’re the best. Once again… Thanks a millions. Have a great day!”
Douglas Reyes, Cosi Restaurant – Washington DC

“Juliet, you are an awesome teacher! You are down to earth and to the point. You make the class and book full of information – simplified and understandable. Thank you for being a blessing to me!”
Gigi Soulliard, Personal Chef, Severn, MD

“The class was very informative. The presenter stressed the importance of keeping food safe for the consumers. She kept the class interactive with questions.”
Cathy Lein, Proprieter, The Classic Catererer, Ellicott City, MD

“Juliet: Thank you so much for your patience and dedication to your students. You are totally commited and very passionate about what you do. Good Luck and keep up the outstanding job!”
Angie Blackwell, Assistant Manager, Dominick’s Pizza, Rosedale, MD

“El extio comienza cuando, el dia a dia, nos preparamos y nos actualizamos gracias a organizaciones como esta, que nos llevan a un excellente servicio y seguridad a nuestros clientes.”
Anibal Virhuez, Steptoe & Johnson, LLP, Washington DC

“Ms. Bodinetz was a very good instructor. She was very knowledgeable of ServSafe. Thank you!”
Kym Farmer, Jewish Convalescent & Nursing Home, Randallstown, MD

“Ha sido una de las clases más interesantes que he tomado. Creo que va ser beneficial para todas las personas que van a estar al mi alrededor y Juliet hace un muy buen trabajo enseñando. Lo hace más facil de entender. Gracias Juliet!”
Nelson Arias, Owner, My Brother’s Place, Washington DC

“Nunca pensé que me beneficiará tanto tomar esta clase y de verdad, la recomiendo a todos.”
Jose Cordoza, Washington DC

“Juliet was delightful. She kept our group engaged and really worked to make sure they comprehended the material!”
Scott Donnelly, Havana Management Inc, Baltimore, MD

“Es una excellente profesora a pesar de que su idioma es inglés. Su español es muy bueno y se le entiende bastante, explica bien y le tiene mucha paciencia con los alumnos.”
Priscilla Calderón, Chef – 1840’s Carrollton Inn, Baltimore, MD

“Ms. Bodinetz exceeded my expectations by providing a thoroughly informative and often mesmorizing presentation of the ServSafe materials, not leaving a point until it was perfectly clear to all in attendance and lacing the important points to real-life situations. I can’t wait to be recertified!”
M. Karen Bracken, Innkeeper – 1840’s Carrollton Inn, Baltimore, MD

“Juliet, Gracias por ser buena maestra. Gracias a ti, aprendi muchas cosas nuevas buenas, interesantes que me ayudaran a ser mejor en mi trabajo. Gracias por tener paciencia con nosotros. Es ud. excelente maestra. Gracias por ayudarnos. Sele agradece.”
Santos Castillo, chef – Bagel Works, Towson, MD

“Great job preparing me for the test. I was able to breeze right through it.”
Richard Smith, Kitchen Manager, Ocean Pride, Towson, MD

“Very kind, informative, and knowledgable. Great at presenting material in a clear way.”
Melony Wagner, Owner, Charles Village Pub, Towson, MD

“Juliet was an excellent teacher, who is extremely well informed and capable of getting the proper info across in an easy to understand way.”
Anthony Valenzia, Manager, Tahina’s, Owings Mills, MD

“Juliet was wonderful. She was a dynamic presenter.”
Amy Schunick, Manager, Tahina’s, Owings Mills, MD

“Highly recommended and a must for every restaurantor.”
Jeff McCabe, Owner, Tahina’s, Owings Mills, MD

“Wonderful Teaching Temperment.”
Jeff Trilling, Tahina’s, Owings Mills, MD

“Quick and comprehensive review. Ensured that we knew and understood the required material for the exam. Provided a concise study guide for us!”
Jory Schunick, Owner, Tahina’s, Owings Mills, MD

“Juliet, Merci Beaucoup! I loved the class. I will certainly have the infos for life. This time, I think I am going to make it and only because of you. You are a great teacher!”
Sophia Haddad, Owner, Winghub, Bethesda, MD

“Very nice and wonderful teacher!”
Darin T. Kanev, Chef, Tahina’s, Owings Mills, MD

“Just simply a very good instructor!”
Shabazz Rubin, Baltimore, MD

“Great at relaying info and giving you good ways to remember it. Also made it fun!”
Nick Scurto, Manager, Dominick’s Pizza, Rosedale, MD

“I was dreading this class, but you were great & made it enjoyable.”
Joe Mitchell, Manager, Dominick’s Pizza, Belair, MD

“Great Instructor & I learned a lot!”
Paula Moz, Outlet Manager, Benchmark Hospitality International, Bethesda, MD

“This class was very helpful and useful. You made it fun and easy to learn. I’m glad you taught this class for me and my coworkers. Thank You!”
Michael Damico, Manager, Domick’s Pizza Rosedale, MD

“Juliet was a very excellent teacher!! She demonstrated different methods of teaching. I learned a lot from her because she used past experience and intervened into the present. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to be certified or recertified. I look forward to taking another course with her.”
Tamesha Quimby, Pier 5 Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Juliet is helpful, very nice to work with. Thank You!
Antonio Cafolla, Manager, Chef Paolino, Catonsville, MD

Es una maestra con mucha paciencia, clara para explicar las cosas y se preocupa mucho por cada estudiante que entienda las cosas – y es excelente maestro
Emma Peralta Licona, Baltimore, MD

La maestra Juliet es excelente maestro. Muy amable. Facil de entender las clases. Excelente en todos los aspectos. Que dios la bendiga a ud y su familia.
Doris Osnayo, Gramercy Mansion, Baltimore, MD

Quick, yet thorough and continuously upbeat.
Jay Jenc, Chef de Parti, The Willard Intercontinental, Washington DC

Really enjoyed it! Thank You!
Neall Bailey, Executive Chef, The Willard Intercontinental, Washington DC.

The Safe Staff class was a wonderful overview for the front and back staff - + - Bilingual!
Wendy Binder, Co-Owner, Second Chance Saloon, Columbia, MD